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Improving Call Handling

A powerful state-of-the-art telephone operator console. It provides a range of smart features enabling fast, easy, and efficient call handling – as well as distribution for organizations of all types and sizes.


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Optimising Connections

PeterConnects Attendant is a powerful telephone operator’s console providing a range of smart features for fast and easy call handling, and efficient call distribution for organizations of all sizes.


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Empowering Service

PeterConnects ServiceDesk is an economical solution for organizations who want to provide a function – such as a help desk or service desk for their employees, customers, or partners. PeterConnects ServiceDesk offers rich functionality at a very attractive price, and is easy to use.


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Simplify & Scale Your Cisco Collaboration Process

Want to decrease the time your users spend managing their Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure by 85%? PeterConnects Provisioning will transform the way you manage your organization’s productivity and help drive down the cost of IT admin! In less than a minute, users can be completely up and running – with their devices, lines, Jabber, mobility, voicemail, and even an agent profile in the contact center.


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Managing Reachability

PeterConnects ManagerAssistant gives organizations and teams the ability to manage their reachability 24/7. Designed to ensure all calls are handled efficiently, it also gives managers and teams the flexibility to set a selective reachability status.


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Enabling Context

PeterConnects ContextManager brings communication and context together to provide a richer insight into people’s availability. An extremely useful tool that runs on a PC, it monitors telephone activity and alerts team members to incoming calls.


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Unifying Contacts

PeterConnects OmniDirectory allows organizations of all sizes to create a compressive corporate directory –listing employees, customers, and partners to give users a single view of the world they need to connect with.


Add-Ons are designed to provide users with more ways to make more meaningful connections.


The PeterConnects EmergencyAssistant is designed to support how organizations handle internal and external emergency calls – such as 911 and 4444.


When employees logon to a Windows PC, PeterConnects SingleLogOn automatically loads the employee’s profile onto the IP telephone using Extension Mobility – which gives the employee access to the their personal settings.


PeterConnects VoiceMail is the perfect tool for recording and playing back voicemail messages to ensure callers are greeted professionally. It also ensure that all calls are captured and can be returned ASAP.


PeterConnects VoiceRecording allows organizations to ensure high quality customer service levels and employee safety through the ability to record live calls.

These incredible teams are already powered by PeterConnects

We are currently using the Business Edition of the Cisco Unified Attendant Console which works perfectly well as a corporate switchboard system but is not designed for hospitality, particularly with regards to what we are trying to achieve in a 5-star hotel

Beaumont Hotel

We never offer solutions to our clients that we don’t use ourselves. For us, it was apparent from the start that PeterConnects newly-developed WebEx Calling Receptionist console was an excellent fit for one of our clients, Morris and Company.

James Baly, NowComms’ Technical Director

Like all new systems, users are naturally nervous at the start, especially if your previous system has been in operation for 14 years. However, after presenting the benefits of Attendant X and after see how simple it was to use in the training the call operators were keen to get started.

Robin Honeyman, IT Manager, Bath Spa University